Jeffrey Mizell, Director of Advocacy

Jeffrey’s career in nonprofit management and leadership has seen him working in various roles around the globe, from a Rescue Diver and Divemaster in Okinawa, Japan, to directing all Washington, DC operations for a global humanitarian organization. As the Director of Advocacy at Challah for Hunger, Jeffrey brings firsthand policy leadership experience from his time as a Global Advocacy Fellow at Results Educational Fund, a member of the Alliance to End Hunger, and as an executive team member on Rise Against Hunger’s legislative advocacy committee. In these roles, he worked to advocate for funding toward child and maternal health and education for women and girls in developing nations, and led a program producing 3.5 million meals in global humanitarian relief annually.

Jeffrey and his partner, River, have two beautiful sons, Jay and Kai, and a rescue border collie who all love to bike around town and play in their garden. Jeffrey is a trail ultra-runner who can be found in the mountains surrounding Fort Collins, or in used bookstores hunting for rare copies of his favorite book, Treasure Island. He holds a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Law from Northern Arizona University, a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Finance from Cornell University, and an Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising from Duke Divinity.