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Meet Nikki, our Summer Intern!

We’re so lucky that Nikki Cattan, a recent grad from West Chester University, is spending the summer interning with us! When she started, we asked her…

What brings you to Challah for Hunger?
I learned about Challah for Hunger from the Director of Service-Learning and Volunteer Programs at West Chester University and the leadership summit that will occur in July. I am here to help out with the summit along with other projects for the summer and I am excited to get involved!

You just graduated from West Chester University — Congrats! What advice do you have for students entering college?

Thank you! Get involved in everything you possibly can because it will make your experience so much more fun and memorable.

What’s a cause or non-profit that is important to you? Why?

The education and awareness of HIV/AIDS. In college I participated in the Alternative Spring Break program and we went to Pittsburgh to volunteer with the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force. After that experience, I learned about the virus and the stigma towards people who have it.

Welcome Nikki to the team by emailing her at [email protected].

5 Questions with Sarah Horwitz

For the past year, Sarah has helped us connect with new communities in Philadelphia for our “Beyond the Campus” program. As she finishes her time in Philly, we asked her about the weird, wonderful and doughy experience:

What brought you to Challah for Hunger?

I am a Fellow at Repair the World working on food justice issues through volunteering and program planning. As part of this fellowship program, I partner with organizations to create volunteer programming and to recruit volunteers. I was lucky to be paired with Challah for Hunger to help run the “Beyond the College Campus” Program. This year, I have been organizing bakes for different organizations around Philadelphia. I have been able to create curriculum teaching hunger issues and have been able to hone my challah baking skills!

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New year, new role! Koty graduated from Temple University and is now working part-time as the Communications & Development Associate at CfH. In her new role she will focus on communications with newsletters, social media, website and fundraising development.

5 fun facts you didn’t know about Koty

1. She could eat popcorn for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
2. She likes to make memes in her free time.
3. She is training for the Broad Street Run in May 2016.
4. She likes to sing out loud when she runs.
5. The first time she made challah was when she started working for CfH.

Have you met Talia?

Talia joined the challah team after 3 years of CfH experience as a student participant and a chapter leader at the University of Maryland.  Talia comes as an alumni of CfH with a background of English, food history and a knowledge of how the two work together:

I see Challah for Hunger continuing to expand as a community of student leaders, volunteers, alumni and local and national partners. But as for the reason that organization exists—I hope that recent legislative and community efforts to reform and restructure our food system reduce the urgency behind our fundraising and advocacy. Starting now.

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Talia loves bakeries, coffee shops, museums and bookstores. Email her [email protected] with recommendations of new places to explore!

Have you met Loren?

Loren joined the challah team with two years of social justice experience under her belt (She was a Repair the World Fellow in Philadelphia).  Loren is bringing her knowledge of food justice and hunger issues to her new gig:

I was surprised to learn about the how misleading the marketing around food can be. For instance, it was upsetting to learn the realistic definitions of cage free chickens and free range chickens. I always thought the term “cage free” sounded like a very humane way to raise chickens for eggs. I recently learned that eggs can be labeled “cage free” but come from farms where hundreds of chickens are crowded into a barn, and still the name is considered fitting and legal for this situation.

Click here to read Loren’s interview on the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation Blog. 

Loren (pictured here, middle) also loves Cleveland. Email her for recommendations.