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Our Latest Update on the Campus Hunger Project

Meet Our Student Planning Team Alex, UC-Berkeley Arielle, Colgate University Bridget, University of Arizona Lauren R, University of Wisconsin-Madison Lauren B, University of Vermont This team is busy teaching other chapter leaders about the Campus Hunger Project, supporting students as they conduct interviews with administrators, and organizing campus events. Student Perspectives As students conduct interviews … Continue reading Our Latest Update on the Campus Hunger Project

Why does marketing matter?

Nearly 50% of food insecure students in the University of California system wanted, but didn’t receive, information about who to talk to on their campus about not having enough food according to a recent study. Additionally, 45% of food insecure students didn’t receive but wanted to know locations of food pantries. Marketing matters. Colleges and universities are starting to test out … Continue reading Why does marketing matter?

Are we asking the right question?

“No one is counting” refers to the fact that while colleges collect data from students everyday (picture a thick folder of academic transcripts, financial aid forms, etc) one very important question doesn’t get asked: are you struggling to afford or access food? What data do we collect from college students, particularly students receiving financial aid? Quite a lot. Every … Continue reading Are we asking the right question?

Are college meal plans to blame for campus hunger?

At Virginia Tech University, the cheapest meal plan option for students living on campus is $1,674, which equals about 10 meals a week. At Brown University, a meal plan that provides 7 meals a week for the entire academic year costs nearly $4,000. It’s not news to us that meal plans range in cost and … Continue reading Are college meal plans to blame for campus hunger?

Look Outside the Classroom

Who besides students and professors are on a college campus every day? Employees. Universities employ anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands of workers. We got an important wake up call this week when the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute at Occidental College released a survey on food insecurity among employees in the University of California system. The … Continue reading Look Outside the Classroom

Breaking the Silence

When we discussed the Campus Hunger Project with our Challah for Hunger leaders earlier this year, students were often surprised to learn about this issue. We weren’t surprised, and after reading Paul’s story, you’ll understand why. Broadcasting stories about college food insecurity to our personal and larger networks is necessary to reduce the stigma around this issue. Not all students are as willing to talk … Continue reading Breaking the Silence

Coping with Food Insecurity

Toni Airaksinen (quoted in image) is a Barnard College student and advocate for low-income and first generation college students. She’s written about students who have passed out because of hunger, skipped or cut down on meals, and borrowed money from friends for food. The cost of tuition and living expenses is a huge factor for students deciding where to attend college. It’s vital … Continue reading Coping with Food Insecurity

Losing the food safety net

There is no single root cause of food insecurity among college students. Food insecurity exists in a tangled web of issues related to income, education, race and class. Let’s start by looking at the world of higher-education. Today, a college degree is more necessary than ever to secure a job, advance a career, and afford a basic quality of life. Out of the 11.6 million jobs … Continue reading Losing the food safety net

3 million college students need food assistance

Last October, we sat down with our partners at MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger to discuss ideas for a new advocacy project. During this meeting, they told us about a growing problem that nobody was talking about: food insecurity on college campuses. As an organization that has worked with college students for more than a decade, … Continue reading 3 million college students need food assistance