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Breaking the Silence

When we discussed the Campus Hunger Project with our Challah for Hunger leaders earlier this year, students were often surprised to learn about this issue. We weren’t surprised, and after reading Paul’s story, you’ll understand why. Broadcasting stories about college food insecurity to our personal and larger networks is necessary to reduce the stigma around this issue. Not all students are as willing to talk … Continue reading Breaking the Silence

Coping with Food Insecurity

Toni Airaksinen (quoted in image) is a Barnard College student and advocate for low-income and first generation college students. She’s written about students who have passed out because of hunger, skipped or cut down on meals, and borrowed money from friends for food. The cost of tuition and living expenses is a huge factor for students deciding where to attend college. It’s vital … Continue reading Coping with Food Insecurity

Losing the food safety net

There is no single root cause of food insecurity among college students. Food insecurity exists in a tangled web of issues related to income, education, race and class. Let’s start by looking at the world of higher-education. Today, a college degree is more necessary than ever to secure a job, advance a career, and afford a basic quality of life. Out of the 11.6 million jobs … Continue reading Losing the food safety net

Defining our terms: What do we mean by campus hunger?

What does the term hunger mean? When we say hunger, we are really talking about food insecurity. Hunger is the craving or physical need for food, and is one of many symptoms of food insecurity. Food insecurity is more than hunger. College students experiencing food insecurity don’t know where their next meal is coming from, and don’t have the necessary … Continue reading Defining our terms: What do we mean by campus hunger?

Pink Challah Bake: Cornell CfH

We are so proud of Cornell, one of 14 chapters that partnered with the national nonprofit Sharsheret during October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to hold Pink Challah Bakes. Sara Gonzalez, Co-President of the Cornell chapter, describes her experience below. “We had a blast baking challah with a new twist in honor of Breast Cancer … Continue reading Pink Challah Bake: Cornell CfH