Mimi Frisch

Mimi is an alumna of CfH at University of Pittsburgh. She currently is a Global Health Corps fellow in Rwanda working for the Ministry of Health. Two of her most memorable moments are baking with regular and new volunteers and seeing the look on peoples’ faces when they try challah for the first time! CfH gave Mimi organizational and leadership skills and allowed her to find balance between focusing on the present and shaping the future. Close

Sapir Nachum

Sapir is an alumna of CfH at University of Virginia. She will be attending Weill Cornell Medical College in NYC this fall. CfH taught Sapir different roles of leadership; both as a hands on leader and also one who was able to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and goals. Sapir will give back as a CfH advisor this year. Close

Melina Roth

Melina is an alumna of CfH at University of Colorado at Boulder. She is currently interning in the department of education at Chimp Haven, a non-profit organization focused on providing safe haven homes for chimpanzees that were once used in laboratories or environmental agencies. CfH provided Melina with a new community and family of friends she could hang out with in a stress-free environment. Close

Liz Smulian

Liz is an alumna of CfH at Emory University. She is currently an ASPPH/CDC Public Health Fellow at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CfH provided her with a sense of belonging, a feeling of being part of something bigger than just a campus chapter, and a feeling of energy to get up and do good. Additionally, CfH gave her organizational and leadership skills that she uses in her every day life, as well as communication skills she uses to advocate for causes she believes in. Close

Bianca Pasternack

Bianca is an alumna of CfH at Vassar College. She currently lives in New York City and works as freelance event planner and designer. CfH gave Bianca the opportunity to meet some of her closest friends during her four years at Vassar. Additionally, it provided her with a creative outlet to which she found her passion for graphic design. Fun fact: Bianca designed our 10th anniversary and current logo. Close

Naomi Levin

Naomi is an alumna of CfH at University of Miami. She is currently the Program Coordinator for the Multi-Week Jewish Service Corps at the American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) Entwine (the younger face of JDC). Her favorite CfH memory was transforming the dusty UofM kitchen into a space that became active, full of people, yummy smells and engagement. CfH gave her knowledge of how to use food as a means to dialogue. Close

Rebecca Friedland

Rebecca is an alumna of CfH at Colgate University. She currently works full time as an international training manager at a healthcare start-up in San Francisco and loves to travel in her free time. CfH provided her with an understanding of delegation, which she now uses when assigning tasks to co-workers. One of her favorite memories of CfH was at the 2014 Palo Alto summit where she met and shared experiences with other CfH alumni, many of whom she is still in contact with. Close

Alexandra LaRosa

Alexandra is an alumna of CfH at Binghamton University. She works as the Philanthropy Associate at the Wilderness Society in Washington D.C. Her favorite CfH memory comes from the personalization she received from other participants of the Binghamton chapter and how they welcomed her with open arms. CfH taught her customer service, grassroots fundraising skills and how to engage people with enthusiasm, all of which are essential to her current job in the fundraising world. Close

Emily Hirsch

Emily is an alumna of CfH at Muhlenberg College. She is currently the Development and Volunteer Coordinator at Citizens Committee for NYC, doing development work, planning and organizing corporate volunteer days and special events. Her favorite CfH memory was tasting the challah as it came fresh out of the oven. CfH taught her how to delegate, how to be a leader, as well as a model for social change that utilizes the power of consumers. Close

Lauren Stamm

Lauren is an alumna of CfH at Vassar College. She currently works as the Afterschool and Summer Meals Coordinator at the Capital Area Food Bank in Maryland. Her favorite CfH memory was the annual semester French toast event - spending hours flipping French toast in a tiny kitchen with a result of always having a large donation to give to the local Poughkeepsie charity. CfH provided Lauren with the power to effectively communicate, a skill that has shaped her as a young professional. Close

Kate Belza

Kate is an alumna of CfH at UVA. She is currently the Program Associate of Network Initiatives at the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and is also a leader for the CfH alumni giving circle. She was the founder of CfH at UVA, transforming an idea of volunteering into a successful organization. One of her favorite memories was an extreme challah-baking event to test out new flavors; the chapter tasted 40 new flavors in total! CfH taught her how to work with others and learn developmental skills that have been transferrable in her work environment. Close

Elana Silberstein

Elana is an alumna of CfH at the University of Maryland. After working at the national CfH office for the past 2 years, she is currently in Law School at Temple University in Philadelphia. Her favorite CfH memory is from the Palo Alto Summit where she remembers testing out new challah flavors while dancing to Beyoncé. CfH taught her how to make a pitch, which helped to improve her communication and public speaking skills. Close

Nick Thompson

Nick is an alum of CfH at Emory University. He is a first year medical student at the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. His favorite CfH memory was carrying sales tables on his head around campus and meeting people from all different backgrounds. CfH taught him how to be engaged and aware of social justice issues in the communities around him – he hopes to use this skill in medical school and beyond to connect with his patients. Close

Rebecca Russell-Einhorn

Rebecca is an alumna of CfH at Pomona College. After working for 3 years at American University’s Washington College of Law as the Program Coordinator, she will be starting at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School where she will be getting her MBA. CfH provided Rebecca with an alternative “Jewish home” on campus, where she made a lot of close friends. Additionally, CfH taught her how to market, plan and execute large events on campus, which helped her to understand program management in the professional world. Close

Sarah Glickstein

Sarah is an alumna and founder of the CfH chapter at Lehigh University. She is currently a Program Assistant at the Schusterman Family Foundation in Washington D.C. Her favorite CfH memory is from the Philadelphia summit where Lehigh became an "Established Chapter" just one year after it was founded! CfH taught Sarah how to work alongside others, plan and execute large campus events and cultivate some creativity into all the work that she does. Close

Samantha Novak

Samantha is an alumna of CfH at Arizona State University. She is currently attending the University of Washington pursuing a Masters in Public Administration with a focus in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy. Her favorite CfH memory was when ASU sold out of challah, she also treasures her involvement with CfH national, including the Berkeley Summit and national volunteer time with chapter support. She credits CfH with giving her leadership and organizational skills and is continually inspired by the intent of people wanting to make the world a better place. Close