Family Chapters

We’re bring families together to bake, learn and lead the effort to end campus hunger.

Family Chapters: How does it work?

Similar to our Campus chapters, Family chapters gather together to make, bake and sell challah. While the challah bakes, they learn about food insecurity and how to use advocacy skills to address hunger in their community.

50% of profits from challah sales go to support a local non-profit fighting hunger in their community and 50% of the profits go to the Campus Hunger Project to support national anti-hunger advocacy efforts.

We aren’t accepting new family chapter applicants at this moment, but we would be happy to share information about future opportunities to get involved. Please sign up for our waitlist below.

You may be curious about what it’s like to volunteer for Challah for Hunger: You’ve found the right place. My name is Rich and I’m here to speak about my experience as a member of CfH’s Volunteer Corps.
– Rich, Philadelphia Volunteer Corps Member

Baking with adults with different abilities
Rise with Challah for Hunger

Rise with Challah for Hunger