Campus Chapters

We engage college students on more than 85 campuses across the world in
weekly volunteer service, philanthropy, and advocacy to end campus hunger.

Campus Chapters: How does it work?

Every week, thousands of students across the US, Canada, and Australia continue the centuries-old tradition of baking challah and practicing social justice (tikkun olam).

While the dough rises, students discuss local and national campus hunger issues and discuss advocacy tactics to address food insecurity on campus. After baking, the students sell the challah on campus to their peers, faculty and community members.

50% of profits from challah sales go to Swipe Out Hunger to support national anti-hunger advocacy efforts and 50% to local nonprofits fighting hunger in their community.

The Marketplace

If you are a current chapter leader or member, click here to go the Marketplace. The Marketplace is our web platform and app where volunteers connect across chapters, access resources to run successful chapters and connect with our staff.

The first place I felt truly welcomed in 2015 in my strange new city of Pittsburgh was when I sat down with a room of complete strangers on a Thursday afternoon to braid challah. When I learned that everyone in the room was motivated not only from the immediate joy of baking, but also by the knowledge that the challah would be sold and the proceeds donated to hunger relief charities, I knew I had found my place on campus.
Brenna, University of Pittsburgh Class of 2019, learn more about them here.

Rise with Challah for Hunger

Rise with Challah for Hunger