Incorporating the Campus Hunger Project into your Passover Seder

“Let all who are hungry come and eat.” Passover begins in most homes with this ambitious, heartfelt invitation.  Words that serve as a direct reminder that our job at Passover, and always, is to tell the story of hunger’s injustice and act against the hardships it creates.

This year, we’re providing you with a compelling resource to make a place at your Passover table for discussions about food insecurity. May your conversations, like ours, your, inspire and equip you to act against hunger.

Click here to download the PDF. 

We also invite you to contribute to our work by making a donation to our Passover fundraising campaign, which aims to make up the revenue ($8, 756) we lose to address hunger when we don’t gather to bake and sell challah during Passover.

Click here to help make up the difference!