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Challah for Hunger brings people together to bake and sell challah to raise money and awareness for social justice.

We make a difference in the world by investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs, social activists, and philanthropists.

Challah News

Back-to-School: CfH at Temple University

CfH is back on campus and we are ready to share our second back-to-school feature at Temple University (shout-out to almost alumni Communications Intern Koty from TU)

Co-President Sydney Friedmann shares a perspective on how to spread awareness to new and transfer students at Temple University

“Finding a strong team of transfer students and freshmen is going to be extremely important for Temple’s chapter this year. With some of the core members of the group graduating in the spring, we want dedicated owls to take over and expand the chapter for the coming years.”

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Alumni Spotlight Feature: Liz Smulian

Congratulations to our new Board Chair, Liz Smulian! Liz is an alumna from CfH at Emory University with a degree in Public Health. She is extremely passionate about challah, health and how the two of them together have helped shape her identity:

“I can say without pause that Challah for Hunger shaped who I am today and helped springboard me into my current career in public health. I gravitated towards public health midway through college to pursue what I loved about being an activist at the challah sales table.”

Click here to read Liz’s full interview on the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation Blog.

Back-to-School: CfH at UMD

CfH is back on campus and we are ready to share our first back-to-school feature at the University of Maryland (shout-out to our Program Associate Talia #alumni from UMD).

Co-President Joelle Lang shares some new recipe ideas with us – while also bringing back fan favorites

“We have experimented with a lot of challah flavors, some of biggest hits include our Rosh Hashanah apple cinnamon challah and our Thanksgiving pumpkin spice challah. This year, we plan to bring back our best sellers, such as our Za’atar challah, as well as try out a few new flavors such as hazelnut and lemon zest.”

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