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Challah for Hunger brings people together to bake and sell challah to raise money and awareness for social justice.

We make a difference in the world by investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs, social activists, and philanthropists.

Challah News

Chapter Spotlight: Ithaca College

The guest blogger this week is senior Co-President of Ithaca CfH, Amanda Aussems. CfH at Ithaca hosted a bake with Longview senior center in Ithaca, NY.
The Ithaca College CfH Chapter began baking at Longview, a senior living facility nestled right in the heart of Ithaca across from the college campus, last year. We have continued this tradition and plan to have it be a vital integration for our involvement in the community. 
This event allows us to establish a relationship with the older adults that reside in Longview while giving them the opportunity to learn about what challah is, our mission, and how we help address hunger issues through baking. Braiding with these admirable older adults also allows them to work on their fine motor skills as hand movements can become challenging as we age. The experience is not only rewarding for the older adults, but also for our members. Engaging with people through generations can only enable us to be more compassionate, warm-hearted, and understanding individuals, all qualities we hope to embody as members of CfH!

Chapter Spotlight: UCSD & Miami University

Last week we welcomed two new chapters to the challah-verse, University of California San-Diego (UCSD) and Miami University in Miami, Ohio.

The UCSD chapter bakes around 70 loaves a week of different flavors and sizes; the proceeds are split between MAZON and the local Triton Food Pantry.

The Miami chapter volunteers bake cinnamon raisin, chocolate chip, plain and even rainbow challah; the proceeds are split between MAZON and the local Oxford Community Choice Pantry.

Is your campus interested in starting their own Challah for Hunger chapter? Contact Talia at for more information!


Yesterday, CfH and Jewish Children Family Services (JFCS) staff members and volunteers baked together as part of our beyond the college campus initiative. While the loaves were baking in the oven, our Repair the World fellow, Sarah led an engaging conversation and activity with the volunteers focusing on “where does food come from and how do we get it?” The volunteers drew pictures and wrote down the different processes. After the activity, we re-entered the kitchen, the smells of cinnamon raisin, chocolate chip and garlic rosemary filled the air – the loaves were then packed, labeled, and delivered to JFCS where the volunteers sell them to the other staff members.

Are you interested in volunteering or learning more about this initiative? Contact Loren at

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Our goal is to expand our network to 100 active chapters by the end of the 2016-2017 school year and you can help make this possible!